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Lyme disease detection: DNA-PCR Test for Borrelia gets Increase in Speed and Sensitivity



In the scope of Lyme disease detection PRELEV now offers, through the BCA-lab, a new DNA-PCR test that delivers results faster to our clients and is more sensitive as compared to its predecessors. 

The test uses blood or tissue/biopsy material to search for the most important species of Borrelia burgdorferi, along with Borrelia miyamotoi and Bartonella spp.
The test for Borrelia is based on consecutive PCR reactions, which means that different pathogen genes can be detected on a highly specific and sensitive level. The repertoire of molecular biological detection at the BCA-lab is complemented by a PCR-based Bartonella-Assay.
The research team that developed this in-house PCR test method is led by Dr. Viktoria Krey (Molecular Biologist).
We are now able to produce results within 14 days of conducting the test; you can now order the necessary test kits.


Information on PCR

The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a molecular biological method that is used to detect the nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) of pathogens in a patient’s sample. Before PCR, DNA/RNA are isolated from the blood or tissue sample and these nucleic acids are then used in the pathogen-specific PCR test.

During the PCR reaction, specific oligonucleotides (so-called ‘primer’) are used for each pathogen; these only bind to a certain sequence of the pathogen’s gene, enabling an amplification of this gene and therefore the detection of the pathogen.

By using this unique process, we can achieve a very high level of specificity and sensitivity.


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